Don’t Miss This!

If you’re interested in your health, Medicine,  or are thinking of getting a hip or knee replacement, watch The Bleeding Edge, on Netflix! It is a great documentary about the dangers of the growth of unchecked medical devices, using loopholes that allow for little or no testing. Our medical expert says “it should be seen by … Continue reading Don’t Miss This!

Nova on Netflix!

Netflix has recently added tons of good new Nova shows! Some of the best include The Dawn of Humanity, the story of the finding of Homo Naledi, Vikings Unearthed, a story of early archaeological finds involving the early Viking explorations, Mystery Beneath the Ice, covering exploration in the Antarctic into disappearing krill populations, Creatures of Light, … Continue reading Nova on Netflix!

New to Stream, June 16

Yes, it’s the weekend again, and time for more on the movies and television series newly available to stream. Let’s get started! Hulu Okay, there’s not a lot of new stuff on Hulu, but one interesting new addition is Addicted to Fresno, a 2015 comedy. I haven’t even heard of this movie, but it has … Continue reading New to Stream, June 16