Monty Python, on Netflix!

The countdown to Monty Python’s 50th Anniversary, next year, and in honor of that, Netflix is streaming all of Monty Python, or most of it. There is, of course, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, all four seasons, winner of several BAFTA Awards, and one of my favorite shows, and Life of Brian,  with Graham Chapman playing … Continue reading Monty Python, on Netflix!

Movies and Television to Stream, Sept. 1

Well, finally it’s Saturday, and time to review the best additions to the big three streamers online, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. So let’s get started! HULU Hulu has added one really important new movie, Active Measures, a 2018 documentary about the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. directed by Jack Bryan, this movie meticulously … Continue reading Movies and Television to Stream, Sept. 1

Don’t Miss This!

If you’re interested in your health, Medicine,  or are thinking of getting a hip or knee replacement, watch The Bleeding Edge, on Netflix! It is a great documentary about the dangers of the growth of unchecked medical devices, using loopholes that allow for little or no testing. Our medical expert says “it should be seen by … Continue reading Don’t Miss This!