Netflix To Raise Subscription Prices!

2 thoughts on “Netflix To Raise Subscription Prices!”

  1. OMG!! Yeah well if we only paid that one piece that would be fine but the total price for everything is absolutely ridiculous!!! I like Netflix but I think I’ll get rid of it. The TV is on nothing but sports anyway, and I have not had time! So goodbye Netflix!!!

    On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 12:08 PM Grownups Guide to Streaming wrote:

    > momoneal77gmailcom posted: ” Yes, it’s true, Netflix prices are going up, > CNN says, in the next couple of months. In general, the price hike is one > to two dollars, so if you’re a Basic member, your fee will go up from $8.00 > to $9.00, if you are a Standard member, your fee will go up” >


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