Classic Horror to Stream!

It’s almost Halloween, 20 days anyway, so I thought I would tell you where to find some classic horror movies to stream, on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime! Netflix has one of the scariest classic horror movies, Carrie, the 1976 original, starring Sissy Spacek. Directed by Brian De Palma, it’s bloody, graphic and thrilling, and … Continue reading Classic Horror to Stream!

Horror on Amazon!

So, it’s almost Halloween and you need more Horror movies ! No problem, I’ve got you covered, maybe even some you haven’t heard of, among the classics. Step right this way. One great horror movie on Amazon is The Girl With All the Gifts, from 2016 Britain. Set in a dystopian world, threatened by a virus that … Continue reading Horror on Amazon!

Horror on Netflix

Periodically, throughout this October, I will be pointing out some Horror movies to view, on different streaming sites. This week, Netflix. One of the best scary movies on Netflix right now is The Witch, the 2015 tale of witchcraft and possession in 17th century New England. This is more atmospheric thrills than gore and guts, … Continue reading Horror on Netflix

What To Stream June 2

There is a lot of good new movies to stream on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, so let’s get right to it! Hulu The biggest new addition on Hulu is I, Tonya, the 2017 movie starring Margot Robbie(she also produced it). It’s a mockumentary bio pic about Tonya Harding, the figure skater, who, notably, was somehow … Continue reading What To Stream June 2